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Thursday, December 11

Ralph Fair Road project: exploring solutions

We've had overwhelming feedback from residents in the area of Ralph Fair Road and I-10, letting us know just how difficult the traffic situation is in the area.

Notable areas of concern:
  • Old Fredericksburg Road at Ralph Fair Road
  • Ralph Fair Road at westbound frontage road
  • Accessing the eastbound frontage road from the Ralph Fair Road bridge
  • Fair Oaks Parkway at I-10
We've got engineers examining each area and have already implemented some solutions for these sticking points. We have a number of additional solutions in the mix. With a handful of potential solutions for each item - including those solutions offered by area residents - to consider. Each are being considered carefully, with a strategic implementation plan developed for each.

That may sound like a drawn-out process, but with engineers meeting daily on the issue, changes are coming almost every day.

The most promising development has been some time-savings discoveries in the field. That means we're looking into options to reduce the overall construction time, which will limit the duration of the current traffic pattern.

Bottom line: we are doing all we can to find real, actual solutions. It won't make traffic run completely smooth during construction, but the solutions we're looking at should help.

*Update 12-12, from the area engineer responsible for the project:

We are working on some revisions and changes to return the frontage roads west of FM 3351 to 2 way as soon as possible.  Best case scenario, we could have this done next week. We will firm up the plan this afternoon. We are going to eliminate most of the total reconstruction plans for the frontage roads west of FM 3351; these frontage roads are in good shape, and we have additional projects coming in the near future that can accomplish that work work if it's needed..Instead we will widen the existing roadway and match the roadway elevations by adding layers of asphalt as needed. Our project engineer had several good and innovative ideas on this to help us get to this point.

Potential overall time savings for this option is unknown at the moment, but this plan should help ease some of the pressure in the area.