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Monday, December 8

This week's major closures

With the weekend's closure of I-10 at Ralph Fair Road out of the way - Sundt finished up and had main lanes reopened some 16 hours ahead of schedule - we're on to the big closures set up for this week.

By the way (and pass this around!) we won't see another closure of main lanes on I-10 at Ralph Fair Road until February, or late January at the earliest. Bottom line: you'll have an open road through the Christmas holiday season.

So, on to the major closures. We will continue scheduling overnight closures of northbound I-35 between FM 3009 and Solms Road northeast of San Antonio. With colder temperatures, which prohibit some of the asphalt working we're doing, those closures won't always be used ... but we'll continue to plan them. Drivers should continue to plan on the closures as well.

Here's the biggie, though: overnight closures of the DeZavala Road intersection with I-10 on the northwest side. Webber Construction is ready to start hanging the bridge support beams for the westbound main lanes of I-10 at that location. In order to reduce the impact on traffic in the area - particularly at this point of the busy shopping season - this work will be done overnight only.

Expect closures of the intersection every night this week - that is, Monday night through Thursday night - beginning at 8 p.m. The intersection will reopen in time for the morning rush each day.

Traffic will turn right onto the I-10 frontage road in each direction, turn around at the next intersection, and use the frontage roads to return to the intersection and continue on the way. This is the same detour that's been used multiple times for this closure.

Work on the westbound overpass is a milestone item in the overall I-10 Huebner project, and is on pace to finish spring 2015.