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Wednesday, March 18

I-10 closures postponed

The major closures scheduled this weekend for eastbound I-10 around DeZavala have been postponed because crews were not available to do the necessary work. The decision was finalized earlier today as TxDOT leaders discussed communication from Webber Construction regarding the upcoming work.

While no new closure dates have been set, project managers are hoping to implement the closures and complete the work on eastbound I-10 over DeZavala next weekend (March 27-30). That is still to be determined, however. We should know for sure by Tuesday.

This project should only require two major closures between now and its completion this summer. The first is for the upcoming work on the eastbound main lanes over DeZavala, which will open up the main lanes to final configuration with five lanes plus the auxiliary lane. The entrance and exit ramps will also be put into final configurations (impacting the eastbound entrance from UTSA Boulavard and the exit to Fredericksburg Road).

The second piece of work will resurface the eastbound main lanes bridge deck over Fredericksburg Road. That bridge deck, which had some major repairs done earlier in the project, features a ride quality that doesn't meet specifications. That issue will be addressed, requiring a weekend's worth of closures - which will come as soon as May, if work progresses appropriately.

No major closures will be scheduled on this segment of I-10 (or any other major corridor) during the month of April due to high traffic volumes associated with Easter weekend and Fiesta.