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Tuesday, March 10

I-10 Huebner - the next major development

The eastbound main lanes should be in final configuration over DeZavala Road in time for crews to cheer on the Sweet Sixteen in the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament.

While the games won't be hosted by San Antonio, traffic headed to game-watching parties will have a full five lanes (plus an auxiliary lane) on the eastbound side of I-10 to the Fredericksburg Road exit. They'll also have the new eastbound entrance ramp from UTSA Blvd. (it's really not going to change much - just move a little further east), and the new eastbound exit to Fredericksburg exit (a two-lane exit) will be opened up.

The turnarounds at DeZavala and at UTSA Bouleavard will open later.

Throughout this week Webber Construction will be removing concrete barrier while they wait for the new center median to cure. Barricades - the orange reflective barrels - will remain. By moving the barrier now, Webber will make their work to open up new lanes faster. That work is scheduled for Friday-Monday, March 20-22. Work will be done 7 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. Monday.

Again, that's next weekend - March 20-22.

Over the weekend's traffic switch, drivers can expect alternating lanes of I-10 to close while striping crews paint the road for the new lanes. This means the traffic configuration will change throughout the weekend. Drivers should slow down and pay special attention to surroundings to avoid confusion or crashes.

In the meantime, Webber is pushing to get those turnarounds opened at DeZavala Road. Recent sloppy weather has made remaining work - a final surface of asphalt and a large concrete slab - difficult. They are similarly struggling to finish come curb and barrier that's preventing them from opening a new east-to-west turnaround at UTSA Boulevard. No definite dates are set to open either, but we are hopeful these will be opened by the end of the month.