Wednesday, March 11

Parkway Progress: U.S. 281 closure scheduled

The eastern segment of Wurzbach Parkway is open for use this week. All that remains to complete the Parkway, moving forward, is the segment between West Avenue and Jones-Maltsberger.

To answer a question that's asked several times each week, we will open the full segment at one time; we will not open the remaining Parkway in sections.

In order to be ready to open the final segment - which should be in use this summer - we've got a few things yet to do, particularly along U.S. Hwy 281. This weekend that means closures on U.S. 281 likely to impact anyone driving through north-central San Antonio.

The closure:
Saturday-Monday, March 14-16. 4 a.m. until 5 a.m. continuous. All southbound main lanes of U.S. 281 will close between Bitters Road and Nakoma Drive while crews move barrier and restripe the road. Traffic will exit Bitters Road, pass through the Bitters and Nakoma intersections, and re-enter the main lanes. Officers will be used to control traffic at intersections and at the frontage road.

The work:
Williams Brothers Construction will move barriers and the lanes of U.S. 281 through this area. For the next several weeks, work will be done along the center median; the new barrier and the lane shift will provide a safe working area for these crews.

The new exit ramp for Wurzbach Parkway/Nakoma Drive will be opened when this closure is finished. The new ramp is located near Bitters Drive, pushing traffic onto the frontage road well ahead of the intersections drivers may need to reach.
The new southbound entrance ramp from Bitters Road, in the middle of this picture, is already open and active. By the end of this weekend, the new exit ramp to Nakoma Drive (also in green) will be open. The old exit ramp will be demolished.

With the lanes closed electricians will get in and connect light poles and overhead signs - trying to take advantage of the closure to take care of the work.

The future:
With barriers moved, Williams Brothers will be poised to do the work remaining in the median area of U.S. 281. Meanwhile, crews focusing on the construction of the new southbound exit ramp will be able to focus on the northbound ramps still under construction.

If crews are able to keep pace, we should be discussing the opening of new northbound ramps before the end of the school year.