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Tuesday, June 21

One portion of I-35 about to wrap up, continued focus near Rittiman Rd

If there's one thing you take from this post, let it be this:

After July 4, you'll be free from construction activities between Binz Engleman and AT&T Center Parkway. Well, mostly free. The only thing The Lane Construction Company has on its work schedule between Binz Engleman and AT&T Center Parkway is final highway lane striping and laying grass seed in the median. This milestone may be a little late getting here (we were initially hoping to be done with this project by the end of 2015), but the completion is here after a slew of weather-related challenges and difficulty getting resources on the job.

What's more, commuters on Monday (June 27) have a final roadway surface to use for their morning drive. The ramps around Splashtown will all be open to final configuration within a week of that. 

Through that weekend, though, expect a fair amount of closures. We've already got some closures this weekend, but next weekend we'll have all lanes of southbound I-35 closed between Binz-Engleman and AT&T Center Parkway. That will start Friday night (June 24) and continue until Monday morning (June 27). If you're planning to drive through this area over that weekend, do so with your eyes wide open - and know the work is nearly complete.

The smaller project adds an auxiliary lane in both directions of I-35 and eliminates redundant ramps. The project nearly seamlessly blends with the work area of the much larger I-35 SAMMC project, which picks up at George Beach and runs to Randoph Boulevard.

For the bigger job, we've still got a long way to go before we're finished. Right now Lane's folks are estimating we've got somewhere in the ballpark of a year before we're all done. Initial construction schedules when we started showed a completion date at the end of 2016. A slew of challenges on the project have slowed progress.

That said, we are almost ready to open some ramps ... and close a few others. Here's a look at what's happening:
We're not out of the woods on the ramp-building game quite yet ... but as you can see there's a lot of green happening in the next two months. We've also got things almost done with the new auxiliary lanes.

So what's left that's big? Well, the northbound ramp to Rittiman is a whole situation that won't really be addressed until the new southbound connector to southbound I-410 is finished. And that's a while from coming along. Then we have a few items remaining up there by Randolph Boulevard. Another day we'll talk about that, perhaps?