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Wednesday, February 15

Scenic Loop Road to close this weekend

If you're in Boerne, or planning to be around Boerne, this weekend you'll want to know about this - pass word along to your friends.
Remember last weekend, where we shifted traffic over a bit on the I-10 main lanes over Scenic Loop Road? Like, a lot a bit, really. For those who aren't familiar, here's what we did:
Well, with traffic off the old eastbound main lanes we're ready to wreck that old bridge to build the new one in its place. These bridge demolition weekends always mean some fairly substantial closures.
The good news: this work shouldn't impact the main lanes of I-10 at all. We'll be tearing down the existing (old) bridge, which doesn't have traffic on it. The debris falls down onto the road underneath and is hauled off.
That leaves the impact right there on the intersection of Scenic Loop Road itself. We'll have SLR closed for the weekend, starting Friday night around 9. We'll have it reopened by Monday morning at 5. Traffic going under I-10 here will be diverted to the access road at Balcones Creek (toward San Antonio) or to Business 87 (South Main). Here's a quick look (those who live, work and play in the area will be quite familiar ... for others, we'll have signs posted):