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Tuesday, February 28

Wurzbach Parkway: The next chapter

Yes, the saga of Wurzbach Parkway continues.

Brief history
A collector and arterial route serving north-central San Antonio and crossing US 281 was drawn up in the early 1980s. This route was built piece-by-piece as money became available, with the final three segments starting construction back in 2011. The final segment, connecting West Avenue to Jones-Maltsberger, opened up September 2014.
With the final segment open and Wurzbach Parkway in full use, we kind of thought we'd be done talking about it here on the Go Ahead! blog. We were wrong. We've had more than a half-dozen posts on the Parkway since it opened, though admittedly many were about requests from stakeholders to raise the speed limits.
Now the speed limits are up, folks have been clamoring for help getting traffic through the Northwest Military and Lockhill-Selma intersections. Well, in true Wurzbach Parkway fashion, we're fixing this in pieces.

Public input
If you get frustrated being stuck at that signal at Northwest Military Highway during peak traffic hours, we need to hear from you.
Not so fast! Don't go emailing us just yet. Instead, we want to chat with you in person. Tonight.
We'll be at Oak Meadow Elementary School between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to discuss the plan we've got worked out to get traffic through the Northwest Military intersection and improve traffic flow up to Lockhill Selma.
The idea is pretty cool, and looks a lot like the intersection of Fredericksburg Road at Medical Drive. It also involves a fancy intersection called a SPUI, or single-point urban interchange. (You can read about these things here, then come ready to chat with us about them at the open house. An animation on how a SPUI works is found here.)

If you can't make it
We'll have the materials posted on our web site here later this week. It'll include the powerpoint we show at the meeting as well as any relevant schematics and a video animation of the intersection. You'll also find appropriate contact info there to let us know what you think.
Whether you're at the meeting or not, if you don't speak up we won't know what you're thinking and considerations you are thinking of may get missed! We are, after all, only human!