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Tuesday, April 11

Talking the work on I-10 east of town ... and some potholes, too.

The I-10 project on the east end of town is coming along and drivers will continue to see more construction activity in the coming months. We’ve received calls and emails about potholes in front of Denny’s at I-10 and Foster Road and have a few words on that. We also have a rundown of where the contractor is with the project and what’s to come.

In case you haven’t heard we’re converting the frontage roads to one-way between Foster and Graytown roads. Studies indicate a significant reduction in crashes when a two-way access road is converted to one-way frontage roads. We're also adding a new overpass at Woodlake Parkway, upgrading all the intersections, adding new signals and reconfiguring the entrance and exit ramps to interface with the frontage roads (and improve your access when using them). You can read more details here. The $63.8 million project will wrap up mid-2019. Texas Sterling Construction is the contractor and CEC is the project management and inspection team.

Milestones & Construction
Spring has sprung and south Texas weather has been in our favor so far, which is what we all want to hear. Good weather means ongoing construction. Texas Sterling is about a month into their first major milestone, which rebuilds the eastbound to westbound turnarounds at Foster Road. The construction of the new turnarounds will give drivers overall better access and ability to maneuver along the corridor.
The second milestone constructs the westbound main lanes of the Woodlake Parkway overpass, which is why the traffic lanes shift around the way they do for now. Drivers will see the bridge structure, beams, deck and rail begin going up over the next few months. The man-made hills approaching the Woodlake Parkway bridge will also include the construction of temporary and permanent retaining walls.

First off we want to say we appreciate your patience on this issue. We’ve had several inquiries about the potholes located at Denny’s and Foster Road and we have been working to resolve the issue with SAWS and the contractor. It turns out the potholes were due to water leaks, which have since been resolved by SAWS. Pavement repair begins mid-April. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your patience as we work to resolve this.