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Monday, April 24

Why is SB I-35 down to two lanes in New Braunfels?

This morning crews had southbound I-35 limited to two lanes between Seguin Avenue and Schmidt Ave in New Braunfels - this is something that will persist until mid-May.
So ... what the heck?
This is the second of three milestones in a project to repair and, in some cases, rebuild portions of I-35 folks have complained of crumbling on. In particular we're addressing some issues as the asphalt meets the concrete of the overpass bridges. The work there is pretty intense and just couldn't be done properly by doing overnight operations only.
We are doing some overnight-only repairs as well ... which is why you'll see alternating lanes of northbound I-35 close each night on the northbound side this week and next.
The good news: we're only going to have this disruption in place for three weeks. If weather and equipment cooperate, that could be a little sooner - this is a milestone, after all, which means we've got a financial incentive for Angel Brothers to get those two lanes reopened as quickly as they can (and it'll cost them money if they go longer than the three weeks).
We'll have one more milestone like this associated with the work we're doing, but this one is by far the most noticeable for drivers. Stay patient with us and we'll get things back to normal - with a better ride quality! - pretty darned soon.