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Wednesday, May 24

It's time (again) to mow our lawn

With nearly 4,300 miles of roadway in our district - about a quarter of which are in Bexar County alone - folks can imagine it becomes quite an ordeal for us to mow our lawn. Unlike many of the 2.5 million who live in our district, we can't pay a neighbor kid $10 to mow the grass and call it good. Mowing our grass is pretty darned costly - about $1 million to do it district-wide - so we only do it a few times a year.

It's that time of year.
Keep an eye out for mowing crews
and help them stay safe!
Mowers started moving in the Hill Country areas after the wildflowers got a chance to finish their bloom, pollenate and seed. If you've driven along some of those country routes you may have already seen our guys doing their thing.
Mowers started up in Bexar County earlier this month and have already knocked out a few hundred acres' of lawn for us. In an effort to help you keep an eye out for our mowers to keep them safe we want to let you know where they plan to be (weather permitting) over the next few weeks. Note this only includes our crews in Bexar County.

This week
I-10 between Edison Drive and Ralph Fair Road
I-10 between Edison Drive and Martin Street
I-10 between Flores Street and Roosevelt Ave
I-35 between Reyborn Drive and St. Mary's Street
I-35 between New Braunfels Ave and Walzem
I-410 between Crownhill Blvd and Perrin-Beitel
US 281 between Greyson and Cibolo Creek

May 30-June 3
I-35 between Reybourn Drive and the Bexar-Atascosa county line
I-410 between Hunters Pond and Jones-Maltsberger
I-410 between FM 78 and Hunter's Pond
US 90 between Barclay and the Bexar-Medina county line
US 90 between Nogalitos and Barclay St
Hwy 151 between US 90 and Loop 1604

June 4-10
US 90 between Barclay and the Bexar-Medina county line
Hwy 151 between US 90 and Loop 1604
New Laredo Hwy (Lp 353) between I-35 and SW Military
Hwy 16 between Seneca Drive and Hwy 211
Hwy 16 between I-410 and the Bexar-Atascosa county line
Poteet-Jourdanton Freeway between I-410 and I-35
Old Pearsall Road between SW Military and I-410
SW Military between Five Palm and the MPRR crossing

That's not all
Areas with the most growth get hit first,
generally speaking.
We have more - a lot more - coming, and we'll try to get that out as we get schedules from our field staff. Please keep in mind these locations are highly weather-dependent. Locations are prioritized by need, focusing first where growth may hinder a driver's line of sight, until we get all necessary tracts trimmed.
We typically wrap up our mowing cycle by mid-July, if the weather permits.

In a work zone
Quick word in parting: our crews typically will not mow within active construction zones. Those areas are maintained by our construction contractors and will be mowed as directed by our field office staff. These areas are actually mowed several times each year.