Wednesday, June 7

Summer closures on I-10 start June 17

Over the course of the summer we'll have about a half-dozen major closures or traffic shifts on I-10 between Leon Springs and Boerne. The first will happen June 17-18 at Fair Oaks Parkway.
Yes, that's the weekend of Father's Day. We know that - and we have no intention to disturb the great day of dads. Here are the details:

Fair Oaks Parkway
Temporary ramps have been built to
detour main lane traffic onto and off of
the frontage roads at Fair Oaks Parkway.
For those unfamiliar with the territory here, we're reconstructing the Fair Oaks Parkway overpass with a bunch of extra capacity. The bridge currently has two lanes and stop signs at all the corners. The new bridge will feature two lanes in each direction, left turn lanes and a west-to-east turnaround.
On June 17 RELMCo Inc. will set bridge support beams for the new turnaround. Starting 5 a.m. Saturday (and going through Monday at 6 a.m., though we hope to be done much sooner) all main lanes of I-10 will exit Fair Oaks Parkway, run through the intersection and re-enter the highway. We have temporary ramps constructed and we'll contraflow the frontage roads to keep two lanes of main lane traffic flowing.
This means through traffic will be blocked on the frontage roads approaching Fair Oaks Parkway. Traffic to and from Fair Oaks Parkway (and Tarpon Drive) will be right-in, right-out only. Finally Old Fredericksburg Road and Leslie Pfeiffer Drive will be closed off from I-10.
Clear as mud? Perhaps this image will help:
Red areas will be closed; the green areas will be the traffic lanes for the duration of the closure.
When work is done traffic will be restored to its "normal" configuration and the temporary ramps will be blocked off again. We'll be using them for other closures in the future, though. This is the first of about a half-dozen full closures that will occupy a weekend at this location. Expect overnight closures later this summer as crews pour concrete.
Every effort has been made to minimize the impact on the flow of main lane traffic. However, frontage road and side street traffic will be heavily impacted. No driveways running up to the frontage road will be accessible during this closure; this should not significantly impact the businesses in the area, as all affected businesses have alternate access points.

Other closures
All but two of the following six weekends will feature a major closure or a traffic switch of some sort, and we'll have plenty of overnight closures as well. Here's the quick rundown so you can mark your calendars:
  • July 7-10, westbound exit ramp to Hwy 46. The ramp will close while crews put finishing touches on a new ramp and the new westbound frontage road. Traffic will use US 87 to reach Hwy 46.
  • July 8-9, main lanes at Scenic Loop Road. This one will be alternating lanes while crews move traffic lanes around for the final phase of construction.
  • July 14-17, eastbound main lanes between Ralph Fair Road and Fair Oaks Parkway. Alternating lanes will close while crews move traffic up onto the new overpass bridge.
  • July 21-24, westbound main lanes between Ralph Fair Road and Fair Oaks Parkway. Alternating lanes will close while crews move traffic up onto the new overpass bridge.
All these dates are subject to change for a variety of reasons, but this is the current plan. We'll have more details about each closure or traffic swap as they draw near.