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Monday, June 26

The next traffic shift along the I-10 corridor

A few weeks ago we teased some closures and changes set for the I-10 corridor this summer between Leon Springs and Boerne, with the first that major closure held over Fathers Day weekend at Fair Oaks Parkway.
It's now time for the next big change, though it won't impact daytime traffic much. This work will require overnight closures only. Here's a look from Friday's closures post:
  • Tuesday-Friday, June 27-30. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Eastbound exit to Scenic Loop road. The exit will close while crews move concrete barrier. Traffic will use exit 540 and continue along the frontage road to reach its destination.
  • Tuesday-Friday, June 27-30. 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. nightly. Eastbound main lanes at Scenic Loop Road. Alternating lanes will close while crews move traffic to at new configuration. One through lane will remain open for the duration of this work.
Overall project goal
The work at the intersection of I-10 and Scenic Loop Road is aimed at making traffic operate more smoothly. We're reconstructing the intersection and widening Scenic Loop Road under I-10 itself while upgrading the overpass (which will feature a taller, longer bridge). The $11.6 million project built by Austin Bridge and Road began at the start of 2016 and is set to wrap up early 2018.

What's happening
The main lanes of I-10 are being shifted to vacate the area currently in use by westbound traffic. This is a bit like the switch that happened back in February. The new overpass at Scenic Loop is being built in three stages, and this week's shift will get things in line for that final stage before traffic is put in its final configuration.
The shift will only be felt minimally by daily commuters who pay close attention to the driving task at hand while behind the wheel. Here's a look at what will be different:
All the work to shift traffic over will be done overnight so we don't have to disrupt daytime traffic. Even then they'll maintain a single lane moving through I-10 in each direction the whole time. Put simply, we just don't anticipate a major issue with this work.
So those driving through are aware this week, the eastbound lanes will be moved as soon as Tuesday night (but might push to Wednesday night) and the westbound lanes will be moved Thursday night. As long as drivers remain alert and aware, this should not pose any problems.

Next up
Just like last time we need to remove the old bridge structure once traffic is on it. Beginning Friday, July 14 (around 9 p.m.) and running through Monday, July 17 (around 5 a.m.) Austin Bridge and Road will shut down Scenic Loop Road at I-10 to do the necessary work. The detour we'll use is the same we used back in February. Traffic on Scenic Loop Road will use the frontage roads to turn around at Balcones Creek or Business 87 and reach its destination.
When we did this work last time Austin Bridge and Road was able to have work completed and everything reopened well ahead of schedule. That should be encouraging news to those who live, work and play in the vicinity. If something weird pops up on this go-round, that Monday morning opening time is our hard deadline.