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Thursday, June 8

What's going on with FM 1560?

Those living in the Helotes area may (or may not) have a few questions about the haps on FM 1560. Well, here are the answers.

Low water crossing
A few weeks ago Dan Williams Company started setting up a work zone on FM 1560 between Wynstone Place and Parrigin Road. The $1.4 million project replaces box culverts with a bridge that will prevent the road from being closed for high water during future storms.
For now the only impact to traffic is having the roadway lanes shifted a bit to create a safe work zone as crews do work on the south side of the road. Expect to see several traffic shifts as work continues to progress.
Overall completion of the work is expected near the start of 2018.

The old gas station near the Bandera Rd intersection
The old Shell Station at the intersection of FM 1560 and Hwy 16 has been vacant for a few months at this point and is being demolished. Why?
Well, because (in part) we're going to reconstruct that intersection. FM 1560 will have a four-way intersection at Riggs Road and intersect with Hwy 16 right next to 2 Fat Guys. Here's a look (click to enlarge):
For those who check out the project information page we created after holding our open house on the project, we are not building the superstreet through Helotes at this point. To be honest, we don't have that work currently programmed or funded; it's an idea we're still playing with, but not something to expect in the next couple of years.
The intersection work, though, is moving forward later this month. The folks with Dan Williams will be doing this $3.4 million project as well, which should be done by the end of summer 2018.