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Wednesday, July 12

Some stuff got missed

Hey, y'all.

First thing's first: our apologies for failing to get some important info out to y'all in the manner you've become accustomed. We had a major closure on I-10 last weekend, a traffic shift at Lp 1604 and Military this week and a handful of other things to brief you on and we simply didn't get it done.

We hope you can forgive us.

We have no excuses, but we do have a good reason. Our staff consists of two folks, and we manage all communication efforts for the agency in a 12-county region. When one of us takes a vacation, things get bogged down pretty quickly. Between the two of us we handle all customer service calls, all media inquiries, conduct research to provide accurate and timely answers for all calls and inquiries, try to be proactive in our outreach efforts on a variety of issues (safety, planning, design, maintenance and construction), monitor social media and interact as appropriate, maintain relationships with our elected representatives and their staffs and headline at a variety of public speaking engagements.

And that's just on Tuesdays.

At any rate, we were short-handed for a couple of weeks due to vacations. We thought we had all our major construction issues posted on the blog for those two weeks, but some timetables shifted and we got caught off-guard. That's on us, fully. We simply hope you understand and can forgive.

We will spend the remainder of the week ensuring everything that's happening gets posted and you're back to being in the know so, when your coworker asks you about such-and-such highway project during your morning visit to the coffee pot in the break room, you'll be back to being the one everyone asks for the good info.

Thanks, y'all, for understanding and look for more posts through the week.

-TxDOTSanAntonio Communications Staff