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Saturday, July 15

Traffic shifts on Military Drive at Lp 1604

Earlier this week Zachry Construction shifted traffic on Military Drive to allow construction of the future southbound frontage road as part of their work to expand Lp 1604 between Hwy 151 and Potranco Road.
We've had some questions via social media about the change, which happened without a lot of fanfare from our field staff, and we've gotten an explanation as to what's happening. First, a gif to see the progression of what you'll see through the summer:
The change this week is the first of three mini-phases to get the southbound frontage road intersection built. Each step is expected to take 2-3 weeks with traffic returned to its normal pattern by September 1. The biggest impact will be constriction of lanes on Military outside Lp 1604 to a single lane in each direction.
Because pictures make a better story than an actual story does, here's a look at what you can expect. The bright orange areas are the areas being constructed in each step. The dark blue represents areas already constructed. The tan areas represent existing pavement. You can click on each image to enlarge.
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3