Thursday, October 11

Major Traffic Shift On US 281 Expansion Project

We've reached a key milestone as we make progress on the US 281 Expansion Project.

Starting this weekend, we're going to start a series of traffic switches or diversions, sending drivers to newly built frontage roads on sections of the highway where we'll be working on the mainlanes (this switch will stay in place for months until the new mainlanes are ready to go).

The first of these switches will take place this weekend, with southbound drivers being diverted off the mainlanes onto the new frontage road between Encino Rio and Sonterra Boulevard (the northbound side is next and that'll take place in about two weeks). Please note that there will not be any loss of lanes -- the new frontage roads will have three lanes, same as drivers have had with mainlanes.

Also be aware that speed limit in this shift section will be reduced from the regular 60 mph down to 45 mph for safety reasons.

In order to enact this switch in an orderly manner, we'll need to put in place the following closures starting tonight (Thursday, October 11) at 9 p.m. through tomorrow (Friday, October 12) at 5 a.m. (weather permitting):
  • Alternating mainlanes of US 281 southbound between Encino Rio and the Sonterra Boulevard exit ramp.
  • All mainlanes of US 281 southbound between the Sonterra Boulevard exit ramp and the Sonterra Boulevard entrance ramp.