Thursday, December 5

Fred-Med update

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead of us, we're in that awkward three weeks where contractors try to get everything done they can without closing lanes (because we limit that during this time frame) and without running into adverse weather (such as this weekend's promised freeze).

Right now, Texas Sterling Construction is making the most of the time. Over the last several weeks they've pushed hard to make all the gas, water and electric utility adjustments they need to push forward on Phase One. (To recap, Phase One builds the future westbound exit/entrance ramps, or access roads, leading up to and away from Fredericksburg Road.)

Diggers build a pathway for the future westbound access road/exit ramp to Fredericksburg Road while drill rigs and excavators work at the footings for drain boxes and retaining walls.
 With those utilities out of the way, excavation crews are moving forward quickly on building storm sewer lines and foundations for retaining walls. This means drivers in the area will likely see a lot of drilling and digging, and we'll have some trucks entering or leaving the roadway as dirt is hauled away. The overwhelming majority of this work is done behind barriers that are already set, so lane closures are not likely. Some smaller closures may be used overnight, but don't expect much of an impact to your daily commute.

The biggest traffic disruption brought by this project is the closure of Fredericksburg Road for two weeks while the bridge structure is built. That two-week time frame is still on target for late 2014.
A look at the intersection of Fredericksburg and Medical, from just down the hill on Medical Drive. When the project is finished, Medical Drive will have four lanes (two in each direction) passing underneath Fredericksburg Road.