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Wednesday, December 4

Next shift on J-M could be January

With the utility lines moved out of the way along Jones-Maltsberger, paving crews have been scheduled to lay 1,000 tons of asphalt along the future southbound lanes later this week and the next major traffic shift on Jones-Maltsberger is targeted for early 2014.

Project supervisors were hoping to beat the cold weather forecasted for the end of the week. The asphalt will make up the base layers of pavement. Top layers will be laid later this month as the cooler weather blows out of town.

With the new roadway lanes in place, Texas Sterling Construction hopes to move traffic before Christmas. The switch will separate traffic by putting southbound traffic onto its outside lane. Crews still need to build a drain inlet in the median.

Weather has a lot of impact on the proposed timeline for this work. Specifications for work require certain temperature levels – usually somewhere around 40 degrees or more – for asphalt to be laid. Cold snaps can delay paving operations.

With warm temperatures on tap mid-week this week, trucks will roll through the area in the morning and pavers will lay the asphalt through the day. Texas Sterling folks say they hope to be finished with the paving work before the end of the work day.

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