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Thursday, December 5

I-35 Selma project priority: FM 3009

With the Forum Parkway exit ramps opened, bridge-building crews and concrete crews are being moved to the intersection of FM 3009 with the intent of having the north-to-south turnaround opened before Christmas.

With the turnaround, we hope to open up the intersection - including the overpass over I-35 - to it's final configuration. That means three lanes in both directions on FM 3009: One is a left-only lane; one is an "optional lane, or a lane that allows drivers to go straight or turn left; and a through lane. We're hoping to have all that ready in time for Santa to use to enjoy the milk and cookies left out for him by the good folks of the Schertz-Garden Ridge area.

Earlier this week, bridge crews were forming and pouring the concrete barriers not yet finished on the turnaround bridge. Other crews were cleaning up debris through the area. We still have some concrete work to finish - including the sidewalks and sloped ramps on the sidewalks - before we can move some of the barricades out of the way and lay down asphalt.

We've also got signs and pavement stripes to set.

Here's the kicker: asphalt requires fairly warm (for this time of year) temperatures. And with the current forecast, that warm temperature is going to be tough to find. Concrete requires temperatures above 40 degrees. Asphalt requires temps in the 60s ... so we're hoping by time the cold front blows out next week we can really get this going.

There a few other boring details ... but those are all engineery things. The bottom line: weather permitting, we'll have the north-to-south turnaround and the lanes over I-35 opened up before Grandma and Grandpa visit for Christmas.