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Friday, December 20

Work the week of Christmas

Only a handful of projects - and none that impact active travel lanes of TxDOT roadways - will be active through the next week and a half.

In fact, most of our contractors are asking for the entire week off due to Christmas and the accompanying busy traffic in the area (not to mention their own desire to spend the time with family). Those requests have been granted.

So you know where to expect seeing work around the area, here's a look at what each major project should look like between today and New Year's (keep in mind there will be no lane closures next week):

I-10 Huebner
While crews will be off the project Dec. 24-26, expect some light activity Monday and Friday. Heavy work will begin again the week of Dec. 29-Jan. 4.

I-35 Selma
Most of the project will be quiet for at least the next week, but activity will be back in full swing after New Year's. Any activity you see between this weekend and New Year's will be pretty light. Remember - the intersection at FM 3009 will be opened up to allow heavier traffic flows TODAY!

This is a project that will continue a bit next week. Expect a quiet workzone Dec. 24-26, but otherwise we should see activity throughout. Nothing will impact travel lanes, meaning no lane closures, but we'll be out there working.

Loop 1604 Marbach
Again, expect things to be pretty quiet next week, but around New Year's work will begin pushing hard again.

The contractor will be off Dec. 23-Jan. 1. This project has a six-day workweek, so when we get back to work on Jan. 2 we'll be back to working on Saturdays as well.

Wurzbach Parkway
Expect activity between Blanco Road and West Avenue Monday, and perhaps Tuesday morning as well. We are planning to open the Parkway between Blanco and West Avenue Monday. We don't anticipate a ton of activity on the eastern segment those dates, but we do anticipate heavy activity on the center segment every day except Dec. 24-26 and Jan. 1. The east and west ends will be quiet Dec. 24-Jan. 5.

Again: there will be no lane closures for active construction over the next week as we accommodate heavy Christmas traffic. Call it our gift to each of you!

Enjoy your time with your families next week, and please consider giving the gift of a sober ride this Christmas. Heck, it's a pretty easy stocking stuffer, if you're still looking for something! It never costs anything to be a designated driver or a designated texter for your friends and family, after all!