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Tuesday, May 13

Save the date: May 19

Beginning May 19 after the morning commute, Leslie Road between Shaenfield Road and Culebra Road will be a one-way road. This is a permanent change, as Leslie is being converted into the southbound frontage road.

For now, the road will only have one lane, so local users should expect some delays. For the first week, crews will set barrels to close the lane. Actual, heavy work will begin within a week or so, and concrete barrier will be set within 10 days of the initial closure.

Traffic will actually be shifted over onto the east side of the road (currently the northbound lane) while crews reconstruct the roadway to match specifications for the higher traffic volumes anticipated. Once work on the west side of the road is done, traffic will shift over and work on the east side of the road will begin.
Leslie Road runs parallel to Loop 1604 between Culebra and Shaenfield roads. It will be converted - permanently - to a one-way frontage road beginning May 19
Work on the northbound frontage road will be moving along simultaneously, but will not impact current traffic (the future northbound lanes are being built on undeveloped land). Grading and clearing work for the northbound frontage road is starting this week, and will continue for the next several week.

The big tree

A large oak tree on the southbound side between Caston Gate and Liberty Field will be preserved. It's one of three similar trees along the project that will be preserved and protected by guardrail when the project is complete.