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Tuesday, May 6

Wurzbach Parkway progress

Wetmore to Jones-Maltsberger

Through the week crews with Texas Sterling will be working on curbs and sidewalks at the intersection of Wurzbach and Jones-Maltsberger, with hopes to have J-M opened up to two lanes each way by the start of next week. This will bring much-needed relief to traffic that has been squeezed down to a single lane each way more than a year and a half. More work, by Williams Brothers, may bring occasional interruptions ... but those should be minor.
Jones-Maltsberger will soon be opened back up to a four-lane road....
More concrete crews will be working on the road - a concrete paving slab - and walkway near the city's brush site. This includes the right-in, right-out driveway and acceleration/deceleration lane cut outs. Traffic headed to the site will continue reaching the dump as they have been, but drivers should be aware of the constantly changing work zone. 

Even more concrete crews are working at Mud Creek, hoping to have the westbound bridge structure finished later this month. Road crews will still need to finish the new westbound lanes passing McAllister Park and Buckhorn Drive before we can open the bridge for traffic. Project supervisors are hoping to have that stretch of the roadway built by mid-summer this year. Roadway lighting and overhead highway signs will likely be set up by electricians before traffic will be opened onto the new westbound lanes.
The Mud Creek bridge construction continues to progress, and the connector for Salado Creek Greenway will be completed this summer.
Jones-Maltsberger to West Ave.

The hike-and-bike trail continues to progress, so that the parkway's opening will also mean the connection of McAllister Park to Walker Ranch Park come summer 2015. In some spots - like the area immediately east of U.S. 281 - this means we have work happening in the ground and in the air.

While bridge work continues to the east and west of U.S. 281, Williams Brothers' progress on the overpass at Jones-Maltsberger continues to move quickly. Bridge crews are setting deck panels this week with the goal to pour concrete to fill out the deck later this month. The bridge crew superintendent has said he intends to get all the structures surrounding Jones-Maltsberger ready for concrete before actually pouring concrete; the preference is to pour all the bridge decks at one time rather than piece the bridge together.
Work on the Jones-Maltsberger overpass is beginning to progress quickly.
None of that really impacts daily traffic, though. The work most impactful on the daily commute of folks is along U.S. 281. That said ... most of that work is out of the way of the current and open travel lanes. Work comtinues at the Nakoma overpass - electricians are busy ensuring all the power lines are in the right places for lights to be installed under the bridge when work is complete.

Crews building the drain system between the northbound frontage road and main lanes are nearing the end of their work, which will allow the construction of the new northbound exit ramp to Bitters Road to move forward. The new entrance ramp from Nakoma (a braided ramp with the Bitters exit) is being built, with bridge support structures starting to go up.