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Thursday, May 1

Loop 1604 update

We haven't posted anything, really, since the project broke ground in March. Since then we've seen a lot of survey work happen and, about a week and a half ago, our contractor set barrier along the south end of the project (between Culebra and Shaenfield roads). It's time to get an update out!
What will be the north/eastbound frontage road between Culebra and Shaenfield roads has been cleared of brush and trees. Dirt crews will begin to work here next week.
Last week crews started trimming trees and brush along what will become the northbound frontage road between Culebra and Shaenfield roads. That trimming was followed by early dirt work as road-builders begin laying out the footprint for that road. Over the next three weeks, expect to see more dirt moving as crews begin building that frontage road.
Leslie Road, which runs from Wild Horse to Culebra Road with an interruption at Shaenfield Road, will be converted to a one-way road as early as this month.
Work on the southbound frontage road - including converting Leslie Road to one-way - is expected to happen by June. We'll have more information on that conversion as we get nearer to the conversion date (the contractor is waiting in consultants to finish plans for the southbound frontage roads, including sequence of work, to set work dates).
Some of the most readily visible work on the project is the dirt work done for the approach on the north/east side of Braun Road.
Dirt crews are also working on the overpass approaches at Braun Road. That embankment work will continue for the next several weeks. None of that work is anticipated to interfere with traffic. 
For now, at least, the work that's ongoing is outside the active travel lanes. We expect most of the work to avoid active traffic until we begin working aggressively on the overpasses at Braun, New Guilbeau and Shaenfield.
That's the good news with work we have moving right now: nothing is interfering with traffic right now. Everything we have moving is outside the active lanes of construction.