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Tuesday, October 7

I-10 ... closures on TWO projects in ONE weekend

Over the next two weekends, we've got a slew of closures planned for I-10 on the northwest side. Drivers in the area should take note and mark their schedules. This post will organize things chronologically, but be aware a few different locations are involved here:

October 10-11, I-10 at DeZavala Road

Before next weekend's closures can happen, Webber will move traffic on the main lanes over DeZavala Road onto the new bridge structure. Again, this bridge had a six-month milestone attached to it, and Webber has completed the work in four months.

To do this, crews will have main lanes down to a single lane each way, one side of the highway at a time, and move traffic around. Here's the schedule:

Friday night, 9 o'clock, two lanes of eastbound (inbound) I-10 will close. Webber will have all main lanes closed around midnight allowing them to quickly stripe the eastbound lanes and move barriers. They plan to have traffic open to three lanes going eastbound Saturday morning.

Saturday night, 9 o'clock, two lanes of westbound (outbound) I-10 will close. Again, we'll have all main lanes closed by midnight while Webber stripes the new lanes and moves barrier. They plan to have all three lanes reopened by Sunday morning.

The switch won't really mean much difference for the daily commuters; they'll have the same number of lanes and the same sticking points with entrance ramps and exit ramps will exist (more or less - more in a moment). Drivers should simply be aware those lanes will follow a different path, so "autopilot" drivers will need to wake up and pay added attention to their path. Put away your dang cell phones when you drive, and you'll be just fine.

Entrance and exit ramp changes

Along with the October 10-11 switch will come some significant changes to some entrance and exit ramps. We'll take a look at chages on the westbound side, then look at the eastbound side. Remember: these changes will take full effect October 11.

WB exit to DeZavala/Woodstone: no changes.
WB entrance from Huebner: no major changes; be aware the ramp may be a little longer as needed to accommodate the new path of roadway lanes going over DeZavala Road.
WB exit to UTSA Blvd: CLOSED. This ramp will remain closed for about six months. Traffic can either exit DeZavala/Woodstone and follow the frontage road or may exit at Lp 1604 ("Frontage Road") and turn around at the intersection and approach on eastbound I-10.
WB entrance from UTSA Blvd: no changes.

EB exit to UTSA Blvd: no changes; expect heavier volumes of traffic, however, as those blocked from using the eastbound exit will now be using this exit....
EB exit to DeZavala Road: OPEN. This ramp has been closed while crews rebuild it; it will open for regular use.
EB entrance from UTSA Blvd: no major changes. Note the currently used ramp is a temporary ramp; the permanent ramp will not open until work on the DeZavala overpass is finished.
EB exit to Fredericksburg Road: move to the permanent exit; the temporary ramp that's been used the last four months will be demolished.

That should just about cover it. Clear as mud? Check back tomorrow (Wednesday) and we'll have some graphics to show what will be open and what will be closed....

October 17-19, DeZavala Road

Webber Construction will close all lanes of DeZavala Road at I-10, forcing through traffic to turn right onto the frontage roads and head north or south, then turn around at UTSA Boulevard or at Fredericksburg Road, respectively, to reach its destination. This route has been used a handful of times before and local drivers should be familiar with the route. As always, we recommend folks look for alternate routes where possible to avoid the intersection altogether.

Webber's project managers have also requested alternating lane closures on the main lanes of I-10 over DeZavala for this work, though they say they may not need to actually close any lanes. Since traffic will be moved over onto the eastbound lanes October 10-11 it should be out of the way of the work.

October 18-19, I-10 at Ralph Fair Road, RFR itself

Sundt Construction will close all lanes of I-10 at Ralph Fair Road early October 18, a Saturday, to pour concrete. That work will begin at 4 a.m. and project bosses say they'll have lanes reopened by 7 p.m. that night.

Sundt will also close Ralph Fair Road (FM 3351) between Old Fredericksburg Road and I-10.

This set of closures exactly mimicks the closures implemented to set beams September 20-21. That closure was scheduled for two full days and crews had the highway reopened in less than 12 hours. The October closure is scheduled to be in place about 15 hours, and crews anticipate the full time will be needed.

Let's review the detours:
- Main lanes of I-10 will exit Ralph Fair Road, follow the frontage roads through the RFR intersection, and reenter the highway immediately after. Officers will be used to maximize traffic flow.
- Traffic on Ralph Fair Road coming from Camp Stanley will use Old Fredericksburg Road, turning north or south as they wish, to reach its destination.

Drivers should expect long delays and seek alternate routes, if possible.