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Tuesday, October 21

"That's not our project"

The four most frustrating words people who call the department hear, no doubt, is "that's not our project".

Those words, that phrase, means the caller will need to continue to hunt through the various layers of state and local bureaucracy to find the proper agency responsible for the project that has generated the discontent or complaint waiting to be lodged.

Truth is, we hate to say those words as much as folks hate hearing them.

This week, though, we've been saying that phrase quite a bit. We've gotten a number of calls, emails and other contacts regarding an issue on FM 1560 just north of Culebra Road (between Culebra Road and Silver Pointe). Motorists are seeing a section of roadway that's been milled, and cars are hitting a lip in the pavement that's jarring their cars and, in some cases, causing damage.

(Milled roadway is roadway where the top layer of asphalt has been removed through a process of grinding and excavation....)

While the roadway is a state-maintained road - FM 1560 - the work is part of a Yantis Construction development nearby. This is a private development and is not something TxDOT is particularly involved in. Yantis is building turn lanes into their new development on the east side of FM 1560, requiring the milling in order to properly tie the new lane into the existing roadway surface. TxDOT folks have discussed the issue with Yantis and instructed them to provide a better taper on the roadway, and we are being told that will happen this week.

Anyone who has an issue with the area, or who would like to lodge a complaint of any kind, may contact Sam DeLaRosa with Yantis at 210-655-3780.