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Wednesday, October 8

Loop 1604 expansion - update

Tonight our planning folks will host an ope house at Briscoe Middle School to discuss the expansion of Loop 1604 between Culebra and Potranco roads. The information for that meeting is:

Wednesday, Oct. 8
5 p.m. until 7 p.m. (presentation at 6 p.m.)
Dolph Briscoe Middle School
4265 Lone Star Parkway, SA, 78253

Part of the discussion at that meeting will include a discussion on the Loop 1604-Hwy 151 intersection, which received environmental clearance to proceed late last month. That intersection is an option to be added to the expansion currently underway between Bandera and Culebra roads, and we fully expect Williams Brothers Construction to exercise that option. Some details in brief:

-Cost of the option (that's the intersection only) is $44 million, which includes the design cost
-The plan calls for Hwy 151 to go over Loop 1604, running into Alamo Ranch Parkway
-The contract for the option still hasn't been signed, but the process to get that done is underway
-Construction is anticipated to begin sometime in 2015
-The intersection will be complete and ready for use by the end of 2017
-A new environmental plan is in place to prevent delays to this project

Meanwhile, the other work Williams Brothers is taking care of is moving forward. Daily drivers can easily see the northbound frontage road taking shape between Culebra Road and New Guilbeau. On the southbound side, crews are building the drain system that will run under the frontage road between Shaenfield and Culebra roads. While work continues to progress on these frontage roads, some utilities conflicts (particularly with SAWS water and sewer lines) may hold up work a bit and keep traffic from being able to use the new lanes until late 2015.

The frontage roads are key to being able to build the overpasses; Williams Brothers is building the frontage roads first, then moving over to the overpasses. All Loop 1604 traffic will use the frontage roads while the work on the main lanes and overpasses moves forward - all that will happen in 2016, most likely.

Meanwhile, dirt crews continue to build up the area that will make up the overpass at Braun Road. Keep in mind that overpass will not be available to use until 2016. In fact, no major changes in the way traffic moves through the area are planned for the next several months.

Folks in the area may notice some development inside the loop at Shaenfield ... that development seems to carry the road further east. That work is unrelated to ours, and doesn't involve our contractor. A private developer is working in the area (taking advantage of the upcoming development, no doubt). We do not have details, we simply know a private developer is doing the work.

As it stands, total project completion is still aimed at 2017.