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Thursday, October 2

I-10 Huebner: Traffic switch over DeZavala on deck

Webber Construction has plans to switch traffic on the I-10 main lanes over DeZavala Road the weekend of October 10-12.

This means the main lanes will be moved from where they currently run, on the westbound side of the highway, to the eastbound side, where crews have been hard at work to rebuild the overpass since June. Webber had six months to complete the work on the eastbound side of the road, meaning crews have finished the work two full months early.

Webber will have six months to finish work on the westbound side.

Over the weekend of Oct. 10-12, expect to see similar closures we saw in June for work on the eastbound side. Those closures include:
- Overnight closures of I-10 main lanes Friday night and Saturday night, leaving I-10 main lanes at a single lane each direction to restripe the roadway
- Weekend-long closure of all lanes of DeZavala Road at I-10 to demolish the I-10 bridge over DeZavala Road
Remember, this work will start Friday night around 9 p.m. and continue through the weekend, with crews finished with work and out of the way in time for Monday's morning commute.

When traffic is moved over, the westbound exit to UTSA Boulevard will close long-term. Traffic will need to either exit DeZavala and follow the frontage road to its destination or turn around at Loop 1604 to come back to UTSA Boulevard.

Webber is also working to finish the permanant eastbound entrance from UTSA Boulevard, which, when finished, will allow the eastbound exit to DeZavala Road to open. The new permanent eastbound exit to Fredericksburg Road will open.

This work is weather-dependent, including the weather over the next week-and-a-half. Any significant rains between now and October 10 could easily push this plan back a week. We'll have a firm understanding of where we stand on this schedule by Tuesday next week (October 7).