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Thursday, March 31

I-10 frontage road conversion: questions answered

We've been fielding a ton of phone calls today regarding the frontage road conversion along I-10 between Boerne Stage Road and Dominion Drive. Most of the calls are coming from the Steeple Chase and the Stonewall Ranch subdivisions.
Each call asks the same questions, so we're hoping to publish the answers here once to be shared with neighbors throughout. If you're part of these neighborhoods, please share this post with your neighbors!
The biggest question is why the frontage road conversion came before the westbound frontage road was linked to the new frontage road behind the elementary school, allowing traffic to bypass the intersections at Boerne Stage Road by using the turnaround there. Basically, folks were under the impression traffic would be in its final configuration at the point of the conversion.
Well, the project is being built per the plan sheets - and that means the conversion is done on the schedule outlined in our public meetings. Here's why we're doing what we're doing:
In order to finish the new westbound exit ramp to Leon Springs, the frontage road needed to be converted. This allows crews to do the remaining work to tie in the ramp to the existing frontage road to make as smooth a ride as possible on the roadway.
Once the new ramp is open (late next week), we'll shut down and obliterate the existing ramp. That will allow crews to work on the connector to the new westbound frontage road and on a new westbound entrance ramp from Dominion Drive. This is the stuff marked in orange in one of our previous posts. That work will take about six weeks, so folks can expect to see that all open up early May.
The frontage roads will remain a single lane through the summer while crews reconstruct the roadway.
Hopefully this all makes sense and lets folks know we're hearing the issues and responding. We are monitoring traffic flow during peak hours and, as needed, hiring off-duty officers to keep traffic flowing.
Finally, we assure everyone nobody wants this project finished more than we do. Without exception, nobody.