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Tuesday, March 8

Mail bag: I-10 stuff (Leon Springs), bandit signs, I-35

I have a question about the northbound I-35 exit for Rittiman Road: Will the new exit be open before the current exit is closed?

That is the plan. We'll have more details for you later this week, though - the goal is to post some long-needed details on that project. Stay tuned!

When will the additional east bound access road lanes be opened between Ralph Fair and Boerne Stage Road? The closing of the road into Leon Springs on the west bound side of I-10 is creating a terrible situation on Ralph Fair that could be mitigated by opening additional lanes on the east bound frontage road from Ralph Fair to Boerne Stage Rd.

We addressed this question (and others) in an earlier post; that said, your note predated a few of the solves we've already implemented. We've got another coming later this month with the conversion of the frontage road between Boerne Stage and Dominion Drive to one-way. Look for more on that work later this week as well.

Every day I see people turning right from eastbound Shaenfield Road onto the 1604 southbound frontage road from the middle lane of Shaenfield. Would it be possible to get some temporary lane markers or increased patrols from SAPD to prevent this?

Zane, you're one of several to bring this issue to our attention. We're working on adding signs to delineate lane assignments. As for getting law enforcement involved, that's always best coming from you than it is coming from us.

I have two questions: First, why were two new construction trailers installed at the westbound access road just beyond Ralph Fair Road (in front of the Valero station) this week?
Second, is there any news regarding the plans for the overpass construction on I-10 at Old Fredericksburg Road (between Ralph Fair and Fair Oaks)?

Jeffrey, your two questions are perfectly related. Those two trailers are the new field office for the project along I-10 between Ralph Fair and Fair Oaks. That project is set to start next month; once we get closer to work on this project (we're building a new overpass at Old Fredericksburg Road then converting the frontage roads to one-way) we'll have something to post here.

Is the WalMart by I-10 and Boerne Stage Road planning on opening before construction is finished? The traffic is already terrible as it is, and I can't see WalMart opening and it not being even worse! Also, what are the plans to make traffic less of an issue in the mornings and evenings once construction is complete? I can't see adding a new on-ramp reducing the terrible traffic that's caused during rush hour.

Wait, there's a WalMart being built out there? Seriously? Just kidding. We're very aware of the development. Yes, it'll impact traffic when it opens. Yes, it'll open before our project is finished up. We are taking that into consideration as we continue work. We can't stop (or even delay) WalMart; we're doing about all we can to push our contractor to work on the job. They're doing a tremendous job, too - they're pouring every resource they can into getting this project complete.

There is a pretty serious issue with the eastbound frontage on I-10 just before Boerne Stage Road. Two days ago traffic was diverted from the right lane to the left lane to facilitate bridge work. The issue is with the recently completed bridge work that's now open. The contractor has not evened up the road surface with the bridge decking. There is a large gap that will end up damaging tire/wheels/suspensions/alignments. This is dangerous, and needs immediate attention.

Matt, we'll take another look at the issue and see if it's not already solved. Hopefully it is, but we'll make sure.

I am a realtor and had a couple signs outside the gate of a community along Hausman Road between 1604 and Bandera Road. I am told that someone saw TxDOT remove the signs. If this is true, whom may I call to get my signs back?

Deb, those signs are what we call "bandit" signs. They're actually unauthorized and not supposed to be in the right-of-way. They get really bad this time of the year with elections, so our guys go out and remove as many as they can from the right-of-way.
Little-known fact: it's actually against the law to post any unauthorized sign in the public right-of-way. Lots of folks do it, so you're not alone.
If your sign is still intact (our crews try to not completely thrash them when they remove the signs) it's being held at our Bexar Metro Area Office. Give them a call at 210.623.4431. If you're looking for a sign from the other end of town, call our East Bexar folks at 210.633.1402.
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