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Wednesday, March 9

Overnight I-410 frontage road closures next week

Next week Williams Brothers Construction will set bridge support beams to form the backbone of the new bridge over Slick Ranch Creek along the southbound frontage road of I-410.

For those not immediately familiar with the area, this is sandwiched between West Military Drive and Hwy 151 on the west side of San Antonio. The bridge is being built in sections, and these beams will help make up a bit more than half the new, expanded bridge over the creek.

However, setting beams requires some space for equipment and materials. A lot of space. In order to accomplish the work, crews will completely close the southbound frontage road of I-410 between West Military and Hwy 151 overnight Tuesday and Wednesday nights next week. Also, this closure will happen in stages. Here's a look:
The orange areas will be reduced to one lane between 9 p.m. and midnight each night, allowing crews to set up an efficient work space. Because the traffic volume is too high to safely accommodate traffic coming off the highway, the southbound ramp to Hwy 151 (marked in red) will close down completely at that time.

After midnight all lanes of the frontage road will close. Traffic will use West Military to reach Highway 151:
The lanes will reopen in time for the morning rush, but overnight traffic should be aware of the change.

We'll have officers stationed at pretty much every intersection impacted by this closure to ensure traffic is flowing well and headed in the right direction.

If you happen to be trying to access some of the businesses in the closure area - especially the 54th Street Grill and a growing handful of hotels - you'll need to use Richland Hills Drive, which connects to both Ingram and Potranco roads (which will get you to Hwy 151).

Again, the dates and times:
Start closure at 9 o'clock the night of March 15, with all lanes opening back up by 5 o'clock Wednesday morning.
We'll start again 9 o'clock the night of March 16, with all lanes opening back up again by 5 o'clock Thursday morning.