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Tuesday, April 29

Wurzbach Parkway progress

West to Jones-Maltsberger

Crews will close Jones-Maltsberger between Arion Parkway and Old Bitters Road Thursday and Friday nights to build the overpass over Jones-Maltsberger.

The closure will be complete, pushing traffic onto the U.S. 281 frontage roads by way of Bitters Road or Arion Parkway. Crews will begin work around 10 p.m. each night and have the road reopened by 5:30 each morning. Project planners have worked the schedule around high school baseball playoff games at blossom Athletic Center both nights.

Crews will be setting bridge deck panels, which serve to shape the bridge deck. With the panels in place, crews will be able to pour concrete to fill out the deck. That concrete will be scheduled once the panels are all set in place and the reinforcement steel is in place.

Other crews are working to finish the hike and bike trail running under U.S. 281, which will extend the Salado Creek Greenway to West Avenue. Work continues west of U.S. 281, including structures to support what will be the eastbound frontage road intersection with the Hwy 281 southbound frontage road and the embankments approaching the U.S. 281 overpass.

Jones-Maltsberger to Wetmore

Nearly all the active work on the eastern segment of the parkway is bridge work. This includes bridges at Mud Creek and Salado Creek, as well as construction of the road cutting through Old Bitters Rd near the city's brush dump site.

Crews are also staying busy on Jones-Maltsberger, building the center median islands. This work indicates we are getting closer to. Opening up Jones-Maltsberger to full capacity could happen as early as the end if May. Work will continue at the intersection through the end of the center-section project, which is on schedule for mid-2015.