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Tuesday, May 19

Emergency lane closure: WB I-10 at New Braunfels Ave

If you haven't heard at all, traffic this morning was snarled on the east side by a crash that badly damaged an overhead highway sign support bracket.

Several lanes of westbound I-10 were closed between about midnight and 7:15 this morning while crews cleaned up the crash scene and braced the sign supports.

Still, the truss needs to be removed entirely (the signs were taken down last night). In order to remove the truss, traffic will be limited to a single lane with a temporary full closure of westbound I-10 between New Braunfels Avenue and Gevers Street. This closure will start at 11:00 tonight and crews with Austin Bridge & Road will have lanes reopened by 5:30 tomorrow morning.

Here's the bullet point details:
  • What: Two left lanes of westbound I-10 closed overnight, temporary total closure of westbound I-10 that should last about a half hour.
  • Where: Westbound I-10 main lanes between New Braunfels Ave and Gevers St.
  • When: Tonight (May 19) starting at 11:00, with all lanes reopened by 5:30 a.m. May 20.
  • Why: Remove the overhead sign board support truss that was damaged in last night's crash.
When Austin Bridge shuts down all highway lanes, we'll route traffic onto the frontage road. Officers will be on hand to help move traffic through the area.

By the way, this is called an "emergency closure" because it's a closure that allows critical maintenance or repair work to be done to improve a safety issue. Our closures typically require 48 hours' notice or more - but emergency closures are done on only a few hours' notice.