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Wednesday, May 20

Surprise! I-10/US 90 at Probandt

With 12 counties to worry about and lead communications efforts on, a project is bound to slip through the cracks in the communications realm now and again.

This week our communications team fielded a number of calls about the closure of the westbound I-10 (also westbound US 90) entrance ramp from Probandt just south of downtown San Antonio. This closure will last at least through the summer, and could move into the fall. Maintenance crews are working hard to repair slopes in this area.

This work is pretty weather-dependent because of the amount of dirt work involved. Obviously, dry dirt moves much easier than wet dirt is, so during these stretches of wet days we won't be able to do the work safely, and we can't open the ramp safely. It's a tough situation, but it's the situation we've all been presented with.

For the time being, the posted detour route will be:
  • Take the eastbound I-10 entrance ramp, keep in the right lane of eastbound I-10
  • Exit southbound I-37, stay in the right lane of southbound I-37
  • Exit Fair Avenue, take turnaround
  • Enter northbound I-37, stay in the right lane of northbound I-37
  • Exit westbound I-10, carry on to your destination
It sounds and reads a ton more complicated than it really is. But the location here is simply unique, and there aren't any better detour options available. We know it's going to be a burr under the saddle while we're doing the work, and we'll do what we can to speed things up to finish as soon as possible.