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Friday, May 29

Major closure for the weekend - Braun Rd at Lp 1604

The full list of next week's construction-related closures is coming later today, but here's a look at the biggest closure you'll see over the next weekend.

By the way, this closure is happening this weekend - Saturday and Sunday. We mentioned it a couple of times over the last two weeks, but if you missed all that let's let this post serve as full notice.

Saturday and Sunday, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day, we'll close Braun Road at Loop 1604 so bridge crews can hang and set bridge support beams.

The big thing this will impact is traffic that's coming from Braun Road outside the loop seeking to turn left (north) to get to Bandera Road and beyond. Both directions will need to turn right onto Lp 1604 and turn around at the next available location. That's going to be a little different for some folks, so here's a little more detailed look:

Westbound Braun Rd
Turn right (north) onto Loop 1604 and head toward Bandera Road. Exit Bandera Road (if you didn't keep right at the split) and turn around to head south. From southbound Loop 1604, you can turn right back onto Braun Road or continue on to your destination.

Eastbound Braun Road
Turn right (south) onto Loop 1604 and head toward Culebra Road. About halfway between Shaenfield Road and Culebra Road, there's a south-to-north turnaround - you'll want to take that. Head north on Loop 1604. You can either turn right onto Braun, or you can continue on to your destination beyond. 

Turning left
With no thru traffic on Braun Road at Loop 1604, the left turns off Loop 1604 onto Braun Road will also be restricted. If you're planning to turn left, know that you'll need to continue moving straight ahead and turn around where the folks from Braun are turning. 

Many of you will find your own way, seeking alternate routes to get around this. Sneak away! One possible route we're working to optimize the signals for (anticipating heavier traffic volumes) is using FM 1560. FM 1560 connects Bandera and Culebra roads and could be a viable alternate route for you if you're outside Loop 1604.

If you're inside the Loop, you likely have your own route. All the roads in the immediate vicinity are city streets - we technically aren't supposed to be suggesting a detour on a city street without express consent from the city ... so we'll leave it at that.

One last thing:

Once the beams are in place, crews will need to hang bridge deck panels to form the guts of the bridge. This will happen nightly next week, 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Expect to see Braun Road closed nightly for this work next week and, if needed, part of the week after.