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Wednesday, December 21

Headed out of town for the holidays? Read this first.

A wave of soldiers stationed in San Antonio is expected to head home for Christmas between today and Friday. They're not the only ones, though. With kids out of school until January 2 and the rest of us taking short weeks (or long weekends...) for the holiday a ton of folks are traveling to see friends or family.

Some of that travel may be up north, where this frozen fluffy white stuff called snow falls from the sky and blankets the ground. The cooler temps transform water to plated sheets of ice. This beauty requires some extra care when driving - care some of us in south-central Texas may not be used to taking.

We've got some tips for you if driving in these winter wonderlands is part of your plans. A lot of it is common sense stuff we talk about in any adverse weather conditions: slow down, increase following distance and look out for crews working to clear the road. The biggest tid-bit is a bit counter-intuitive, though - kind of like when Lightning McQueen was learning to drive on dirt from Doc Hudson. If you start to skid on ice, let off the gas and the brakes and allow your car to regain traction. Rolling through the skid will help your ability to steer out of danger.

The other major tip we've got is about planning ahead. Check our DriveTexas app (it's more of a mobile-optimized web app than something you get at your device's app store) to check for any road closures or adverse conditions on Texas highways. Just make sure it's your navigator doing the navigating while you, the driver, focuses on driving.

For more on winter travel, see our guide. Enjoy your holidays - and stay safe!