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Tuesday, December 6

New signal going in on Potranco Rd at Vista Pl/Arcadia Path

Earlier this year we posted about how we determine placement of traffic signals. At the time we were receiving a few different requests for traffic signals at specific intersections. Those requests continue, and we investigate each request to see if the location warrants a signal.
One location is getting their requested signal fairly soon - construction starts December 12. That location is at the intersection of Potranco Road and Vista Place/Arcadia Path - basically serving traffic at the subdivisions of Bella Vista and Arcadia Ridge. The installation of the signal will wrap up by the end of March.
The signals will be suspended from span wires held up by steel poles. The steel poles and the control cabinet for the signals are being supplied by us; they were salvaged from projects at other locations. The work itself is being paid for - 100 percent - by the developer of the Arcadia Ridge subdivision. The developer of the Bella Vista subdivision - the subdivision that initiated this signal request - has elected to not contribute to this effort.

A little history
In 2015 Texas State Representative Rick Galindo hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the development of Potranco Road, which is currently underway through the Bexar County Public Works Department. During that meeting members of the Bella Vista community presented a petition to have a signal installed at their intersection. As promised by Rep. Galindo, TxDOT engineers surveyed the intersection and placed it on a watch list to be investigated again in the future for a signal if a greater need arose.
The issue was pressed again earlier this year when members of the community again petitioned the representative and brought their cause to the public eye through contact with one of our local news stations. Again our engineers investigated the intersection - and found no major changes in traffic volumes, even with the development of the Arcadia Ridge subdivision.
To be clear, traffic volumes during a two-hour peak time period were sufficient to justify a signal, but district-wide best practices were employed to place the intersection on a list and wait until it reached a higher priority level. Why? Several intersections across our 12-county district have a two-hour peak traffic volume that's considerable, but during the remaining 22 hours of the day the traffic volumes are so light a signal would be extremely counter-productive - especially with the lofty price tags that can accompany the infrastructure for this sort of construction. That was the case at this location.
A compromise solution was brought forward that if the signal could be donated by the developer we would permit the signal installation based on the single warrant of the two-hour peak traffic volume. The developer of Bella Vista, Perry Homes, declined to make such a commitment. CTMGT Rancho Del Lago, the LLC developing the Arcadia Ridge subdivision, stepped up to provide the $158,000 in cash to have the signal installed. We (TxDOT) have donated the controller cabinets and steel poles at an additional $50,000 value.

Where we go from here
Work will start next week, if weather allows. The soggy ground from recent and upcoming rain may push this back a few days, but the bottom line is crews will be at work at this location this month to install the signals.
They'll have it all finished up by the end of March.
Those driving through the area should be aware of the overlap this work has with Bexar County's efforts to expand Potranco through this location, and the two projects may be tough to confuse. Simply put: if the contractor has a big "TSC" on their truck, hard hat or safety vest ... that worker is part of the county's project and issues need to be brought to Bexar County Public Works. If not, and the work is very confined to this intersection, there's a good bet it's signal work and issues need to be forwarded to TxDOT.
Note the crews working to install the signal are not hired by nor do they work for TxDOT; they work for CTMGT Ranch Del Lago under a permit given to them by TxDOT. Confusing? Perhaps ... but the delineation should be made. Still, TxDOT remains a good point of contact for issues that may arise.
While the work is ongoing folks driving the area should remain patient and know the work being done is to honor the request they've made. It'll be done soon enough, and we hope it provides the outcome so desired.