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Wednesday, December 28

Hwy 151, Alamo Ranch Parkway and Westwood Loop: a brief response

A large number of calls, emails and online messages have come regarding the new overpass guiding Hwy 151 over Loop 1604 into Alamo Ranch Parkway. Most have discussed the way the intersection of Alamo Ranch Parkway and Westwood Loop now operates.

Rather than individual calls and emails to respond, we hope folks will pass this message along on the same social media channels they've posted email addresses and phone numbers of government employees and others. That's right: we're hoping you post this to your NextDoor pages and community Facebook pages.

First of all, the tragic fatal crash occurring at the intersection of Alamo Ranch Parkway and Westwood Loop is still under investigation by Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Only those working with BCSO know the details regarding what happened. One real fact is clear: the crash did not involve the new overpass, nor did it involve changes to the intersection. That intersection has featured an all-way stop condition for at least three years* with stop signs in all directions. If all follow the rules, that intersection is absolutely safe.

Those stop signs are being replaced with traffic signals to improve traffic flow. Bexar County Public Works has already started that work and have indicated to us the signal should be operational by the end of January (weather permitting). As the independent Texas Highwayman noted, a private developer contributed some delays prohibiting the signal from being ready when the overpass was opened, and leaving the finished overpass closed would have caused just as much of an uproar.

We are also working with Bexar County folks to improve the lane alignment situation of Alamo Ranch Parkway at the Westwood Loop intersection - including discussing some of the ideas that have been submitted by the folks who've reached out. We're committed to improving traffic flow and, as Texas Highwayman said, sometimes what works well on paper doesn't always translate to reality.

The big takeaway: we are working on solutions, and once we have something ready to set in stone we will publish it here.

*An earlier version of this post made the claim this all-way stop was in place for five years or more. As resident Jason showed us, initially ARP traffic was allowed to flow and only cross traffic was stopped.