Tuesday, October 10

Some quick hits on the Lp 1604 expansion

Can you believe we've been running more than a year on the expansion of Loop 1604 between Hwy 151 and US Hwy 90?
We can't - and we're shocked (and a little ashamed) we've not provided an update since ... well ... it's been a while.
With that in mind we wanted to get you a look at what's happening. We want to do it quick, so we're doing it with bullet points. If you hold out to the end you can see what's going on with other portions of Loop 1604 as well.

Hwy 151 to Potranco
  • Work on the Military Drive intersection is plugging along and should wrap up by the end of the month, as indicated earlier.
  • We had to add retaining walls along the southbound frontage roads due to steeper slopes than what was originally envisioned during the design process.
  • Due to the above change a planned traffic shift for later this year has been moved (tentatively) to summer 2018. This date could change if weather and other issues don't work out our way.
  • Zachry Construction is running ahead of schedule, which will mitigate the schedule impact from the retaining wall issue. Between that speed and some out-of-sequence work on the northbound frontage roads that will start soon, you should be able to use the new express lanes by end of summer 2019.
Potranco to US 90
  • You're likely seeing lots of digging for the road bed between Emory Peak and Potranco - this will eventually be the southbound frontage road.
  • Dirt and bridge crews are working on a retaining wall for what will be an overpass at Dove Canyon.
  • Bridge crews are working on supporting foundations for the direct connector for southbound Loop 1604 to eastbound US 90.
  • The bridge for what will be the southbound main lanes over Marbach is starting to take shape, as are bridges at Medio Creek and at US 90.
  • The easiest thing to see for most folks is the progress on those bridges, which continues steadily.
  • Webber Construction is currently on pace to wrap up fall 2019.
Other spots on Loop 1604
  • We just held an open house about the future of the segment between US 90 and I-35; that information is all posted online.
  • We also have plans for US 281 on the southeast side of Bexar County, which have been presented publicly in recent months.
  • The TTC just approved funds for the RMA to develop the MPO's plan to expand Loop 1604 between Bandera Road and I-35 on the north end of town. Was that enough "alphabet soup"? TTC = Texas Transportation Commission, RMA = Regional Mobility Authority, MPO = Metropolitan Planning Organization.
  • We have a project expanding Loop 1604 between Pat Booker Road and FM 78 on deck for next year (no right-of-way is needed for this work), and another job continuing that expansion all the way to Judson is right on the heels.