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Wednesday, April 16

Frontage roads to be converted near Ralph Fair Road

Beginning April 25 the frontage roads along I-10 between Boerne Stage Road and Ralph Fair Road will be converted to one-way only. This change is permanent, effectively reaching one of the overarching safety goals of a $7.6 million project that will also replace the overpass bridge and add a west-to-east turnaround.

When the switch is made, only a single lane will be open in each direction near the intersection with Ralph Fair Road. Work on the new west-to-east turnaround will be picking up, making the area between the frontage roads and the main lanes an active construction zone.

One overarching goal of this project, coupled with an upcoming project between Dominion Drive and Boerne Stage Road, is to eliminate two-way frontage roads in an area where the population continues to boom. This effort will help reduce wrong-way driving incidents on the main lanes of I-10 on the northwest of San Antonio, improving the safety of the corridor.

Along with the conversion to one-way frontage roads between Boerne Stage and Ralph Fair Road, crews will constrict the lanes on Ralph Fair Road itself; lane widths will be reduced to a little less than 11 feet with the east side of the road becoming the target for the next phase of work.

The road that serves as a frontage road between Aue and Boerne Stage roads will remain unchanged.