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Thursday, April 10

Projects awarded in March

In an ongoing effort to improve safety and address congestion, the Texas Transportation Commission last month awarded $3.4 million in contracts, split among four projects, including the repair of park roads at Garner State Park and upgrades to signals in San Antonio and Atascosa counties.

Salinas Construction, of New Braunfels, will repair and resurface the roads and parking lots at the park. All this work will be done on areas that are already paved; no new pavement is being placed at the park. The total project cost is $1.1 million, with $891,000 in construction costs.

“Our state’s natural beauty has long been a point of pride, so it is imperative that we keep state park roadways safe for Texans and out-of-state visitors,” said Commissioner Fred Underwood, of the Texas Transportation Commission. “The benefits offered by our state parks will continue to be enjoyed by all with the approval of this project.”

Other projects awarded to contractors include an upgrade of traffic signals at five intersections along North Bryan Street near Pleasanton High School. Signals at Highway 97, Adams Street, Stadium Drive, Goodwin Street and Bensdale Road will be upgraded, and the intersection of Wilshire Road will get a new set of signals. These signals will include smart technology, allowing the signals to communicate with one another to optimize traffic flow.

Levy Construction will perform this signal work, winning the job with a bid of $740,000. The overall project cost is estimated at $1 million.

Levy will also perform work to upgrade various traffic signals across Bexar County as part of a district-wide initiative, directed by the district traffic engineer. The contract for this work is worth $1.3 million, with a total project cost of $1.6 million.

Rounding the list of projects approved by the commission last month is the repair of the Leon Creek bridge on Somerset Road in Bexar County. K-Bar Services, of Pleasanton, will rehabilitate the surface of the bridge deck. Their awarded contract is worth $425,300; the total project cost is $462,000.

These projects will begin this summer. None of them will take more than a few months to complete.