Wednesday, April 23

Tomorrow's major traffic switch on I-10

You may well be aware by now of our intention to switch the frontage roads along I-10 between Boerne Stage Road and Ralph Fair Road to one-way tomorrow. These changes are permanent (sort of). Allow me to explain….


When we switch these frontage roads to one-way, we’ll also be squeezing traffic down to a single lane at the intersections while we construct the support structures for the expanded bridge. That is, the westbound frontage road will be a single lane (the right lane) from about where the entrance to the La Quinta Inn is at on to the intersection. On the eastbound side, we’ll only have one lane headed east from Ralph Fair Road to a point a little beyond the Taco Cabana. Traffic alignments west of Ralph Fair Road will be pretty much unchanged; they will still be two-way, and we don’t anticipate any major closures impacting traffic in that area.


We’ve already coordinated with our traffic operations folks to look at adjusting the timing of the traffic signals at this intersection. We will continue to keep an eye on things here and make other adjustments as needed.


An item worth mentioning here: The eastbound frontage road will remain two-way between Autumn Stage Road and Boerne Stage Road to accommodate Bexar County's ongoing work on Boerne Stage Road and all applicable detours. On the westbound side, the one-way frontage road will only extend from the westbound I-10 exit ramp to Ralph Fair Road. For now….


Longer answer: For this phase, we’re leaving the west-to-east hook on the westbound exit ramp in play. This means, for now, the frontage road between the exit ramp and Aue Road will remain two-way. When we reach the next phase (sometime this summer), that little stretch will become a one-way road and traffic to Aue Road will have to come through Boerne Stage. Ultimately, this project is only aiming to convert the westbound frontage road between Aue Road and Ralph Fair Road.

The last few hundred feet of frontage road on the eastbound side will be converted late fall 2014.


Please note the traffic lanes along Ralph Fair Road will be significantly squeezed, with an active work zone along the northbound side of the road. We’re planning to maintain the two-way traffic pattern here.


During this phase of work, most of the structures going up will be to support the future west-to-east turnarounds being built at this intersection.