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Wednesday, April 16

Wurzbach Parkway Progress

There's not a whole lot to say this week, beyond mentioning work is continuing in areas that have seen an influx of work over recent weeks. However, a question has arisen about a feature on the westbound lanes of Wurzbach Parkway between West Avenue and Vista Del Norte.

That feature is a small access port near the San Antonio River Authority bridge, intended to allow maintenance crews access to the SARA spillway in the area.

This is not a public access point, though many folks may wish or think it is. The cars parked in the area to date have belonged to workers with TxDOT’s construction partners. Those who might use the port can actually be prosecuted for trespassing, at the discretion of SARA.

Again ... it's not a public access point.

However, a connector for the Salado Creek Greenway is being built through the area, connecting Hardberger Park to the McAllister Park going through Walker Ranch Heritage Park. Once that connection is complete, public access is allowed and encouraged.