Thursday, April 10

I-35 Selma nearing completion

The next shoe to drop on the I-35 Selma project is the south-to-north turnaround at FM 1518, which could open up as early as April 18. Crews are working on curbs and sidewalks now, with asphalt scheduled to arrive next week. With asphalt and striping in place, the turnaround should be ready to open up.
Concrete crews are busily getting the south-to-north turnaround at FM 1518 ready for use.
The turnaround at FM 3009 has a bit more left to do before it's ready to open; the concrete islands at the intersection are finished now, but some repairs are needed and the concrete pads surrounding the structure need finished. A full crew has been dedicated to the work for the last several weeks, and project bosses hope to have the turnaround open by early May.
A full crew has been dedicated to the remaining turnaround at FM 3009 for the last several weeks. This crew will continue to work on the structure, and hope to have it opened by mid-May.
The lingering major tasks, then, are at the northbound exit to Olympia Parkway (while one lane is active and open, widening work remains), some concrete median barrier (an issue with steel reinforcement bars have delayed that work a few weeks) and the final layer of asphalt on all main lanes between the Cibolo Creek bridge and Loop 1604.
The right lane of the northbound Olympia Parkway exit ramp is open; work continues on the left exit lane. When this work is done, we'll have two lanes exiting to Olympia Parkway.
Project managers with Dan Williams Co. are still hopeful to have the whole project finished and done around the end of the school year.